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The importance of a multilingual web site

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Translation of a web site is a fundamental step which underlie any strategy of international expansion, especially in the digital environment. In the field of digital communications, and not only that, it is important to understand and be understood, especially in a multicultural and complex as that of today. With our website translation service, we can meet the needs of users from home and abroad in the complex modern digital reality.

Thanks to the Internet, any company can extend its activities beyond national borders, but often when you create a site or from a new digital project you fail to distinguish and differentiate between local and foreign users ‘ needs. Translate a website in this case it is not enough to succeed, which is why our website translation service aims to identify and contextualize the content online based on the analogue country.

Translations of websites: why are they so important?

The increase of trade relations with foreign countries pushing companies to make processes, so to speak, “internationalized”. Often these processes see the use of its website as it is the most effective and economical way to communicate on a global scale.

So here’s how the translation and localization business activities through the website are now considered factors built into the process of internationalization and development. Translating a website requires a constant and effective interaction with partners working in the field of linguistic advice (agencies).

The BW website translations

Website translation is a complex process that requires professionalism and mixed skills: the translator must be supported adequately by professionals specialized in adapting messages and content to the web channel. Website translation should also cure localization and content, namely the adaptation, from a linguistic and cultural point of view, to the users and to the target market of the product.

We offer professional online translation of websites and/or web pages to and from all languages. We are aware that the outcome of the translation will depend on the message perceived by the end user and also the corporate image.

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