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Why I hate plug-in headphones

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And I love loose leaves.

There are a lot of best Bluetooth headphones today. From impressive full-size monitors to miniature inserts. I admit, I hate carrying extra ballast with me and prefer to listen to music spontaneously. He opened his pocket, took out a tangled bundle of wires and immediately ears caress the familiar chords of his beloved band.

Compactness and quality – that’s what’s valuable to me. And in terms of this type of headphones on  on the market there are two options: plug-in (they are also “plugs”) and inserts (they are also “droplets”).

And I choose the latter.

I tell why.

Proven and simple technology

The history of in-ear headphones begins in the 90’s. Until 1991, a similar type of audio equipment was used exclusively in the diagnostic centers involved in hearing research.

The earpiece is placed in the ear and fixed in it. If desired, you can install additional soft ear cups. So the headset becomes even more comfortable.

bluetooth headphones

Plug-in headphones came to the market a little later. And, although the principle of sound formation was tested by Thomas Edison in 1895 (this is for those who believe that the inserts are the last century), they came out to the consumer market a little later than the liners.

Argument. In-ear headphones are very primitive in their design. The membrane, winding, magnet, wire – it’s easier, it means better. The plugins are a little more complicated. Tightness? Yes, plugins have better sound insulation, but …

I have nothing to lose and I’m sure of them

Although the plug-in headphones perfectly isolate your ear canal from external noises, they have a significant drawback – rubber military Jacket nozzles made of soft plastic, foam, silicone or acrylic.

Argument. If I lose such an overlay, my “music lover’s session” will have to be interrupted. Without attachments, you can not listen to plug-in headphones. Soft ear cushions fillers serve as an optional comfort and their loss will not deprive you of the desired listening.

Hygiene of hearing

The porous material from which the nozzle plugs are made has the habit of collecting dust, debris and everything that may be in the pocket or compartment of the bag. The only sure way to get rid of this dirt is to rinse the lining, but is it always possible?

Argument. Plug-in headphones remind something of an unhygienic dust collector. To put such in the ear frankly do not want to, and carry a cover when we talk about compactness? Sorry! With the liners everything is simple: a plastic case and a metal fine mesh simply ignore the small particles of dust and they are always ready for battle.